As a busy Mom of littles myself & an elementary school teacher for more than a decade, I've learned a thing or two about purging the clutter, intentionally organizing my home, wardrobe, kids, & schedule, & outsourcing when I need help. Just like my former kindergarten students produced great results when tasked with 3 simple directions, I realized busy Moms appreciate that simplicity for accomplishing goals too! 

In a fast-paced Pinterest world of 7-10 steps to get to your desired results, my clients & even I feel totally overwhelmed by that. We have so much to think about each day & our to-do list gathers more items, sometimes by the hour. So, why not break down our tasks to just 3 Simple Steps, because who has time for more than that?

I’ve developed & tested The 3 E’s Philosophy, a simple but intentional 3-step strategy to get started & complete your goals & do it with style! These 3 E’s: Essentials, Enhancements, & Extras will have you seeing results in organizing your home, wardrobe, kids, & schedule without feeling completely overwhelmed & stressed. That’s not a great feeling & it shouldn’t be your reality. Instead, I want you to feel more productive & ready to give yourself more credit for all the things you do for your family. 

My mission is your success! In an effort to assist you in getting more focused on the desires of your heart, & less on the clutter & chaos around you, I've created online courses in each area that Moms commonly consider, offer personal coaching services & in-home visits, & will also come speak at your next group event to share exactly how you can do Everything With Style

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"We can't do everything perfectly, but we can do Everything With Style!"

-Paige Killian

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