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Episode 084: Starting Mental Health Conversations


I’m joined by an awesome Dad, who’s sharing his experience with loved ones affected by suicide, addiction, and cancer. Matt Skinner has taken some tough subjects and found a way to bring awareness with sensitivity, compassion, and fun!

He offers some helpful suggestions for starting mental health conversations, like growing a mustache in the month of “MOvember,” eliminating something for 30 days, or trying something new and sharing that experience. These simple challenges can make a world of difference in someone’s life by simply opening up the conversation that can lead to something deeper.

Matt’s passion and motivation for shining a light on these tricky subjects are inspiring! He’s kindly shared lots of links below that can help get the conversation started. Please take a moment to share this episode and helpful links with loved ones. You may never know how much they need it!

Highlights from this episode:

{4:04} Family is important

{8:15} The mental health battle

{13:26} Men are stubborn

{19:29} Finding the right way to communicate

{23:28} Keep it simple

{28:03} Check in on the ones you love

{31:39} Mental health exists all year round

{36:16} Strength comes in many forms

Mentioned on this episode:

Personal links:

Here are some helpful links Matt recommends:

Fun link for Dads

Tools to help find the right words

Some other mental health sites Matt likes...

Start your morning off in the right mindset

Tag line “It’s Ok to Not Be OK” sums it up perfectly. We all have bad days and we need to have tools and friendships to help us through. Likewise, we have to remember that to be a listener when someone reaches out.

With COVID and other issues, I’ve been learning a lot about the struggles of first responders and military personnel. RED = “Remember Everyone Deployed”

Similar to above. Purchase something to support those in need.

Paige’s links:

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