Meet Paige

My name is Paige Killian, a Southern girl from Tennessee, turned wife & mom of two, now living in Southern California. Being raised in the South & then moving across the country to sunshine & effortless beauty & style was a big change! It was one I craved. I loved my roots, but I wanted more! 


With lots of fun adventures in the last decade, including marrying my dream guy, living in New York for a couple of fun years, having two insanely awesome kids, becoming an elementary school teacher, starting an organizing biz, writing a book, & meeting some incredible girlfriends along the way, I've learned a few things. It turns out, that effortless beauty & style I discovered when I arrived some 14+ years ago actually wasn't so effortless! Shocker, I know. There are a million ways to become overwhelmed with keeping up with the Joneses, or the Kardashians!


You know what else? As a working mom of littles in my now forties (GASP! That's the first time I've said that!), I've learned that those pressures to be perfect exist pretty much everywhere you live. That is why I have decided to do something about it! I've decided to declare publically...I can't do it all perfectly. No one can! We can, however, find the style that works best for us. 


On this site, you will find all of the ways I have learned over the years to enjoy every minute of my life (or most of it) doing the things I love, & doing the things...well, you just gotta do. I'll share with you my secrets you may want to use to organize & style your life the way it works best for you & your amazing family. Because let's face it, it's too hard to do everything perfectly, but you can do Everything With Style!

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I had the honor of being interviewed by the incredible Kelli Tennant in Episode #33 on The Platform Podcast. Kelli's guests speak on their areas of expertise, share their personal health journey, & offer great information to help listeners be well.


I had so much fun sharing my love of organization & style for the busy Mom of littles, while spilling my guts on how all of that starts at home with my own family! Trust me, she uncovered plenty of my own struggles & encouraged me to share lots of ways to add some organization & style to your own life in 3 simple steps. I also opened up about how I built a business around my passion & even wrote a book I never expected to write!


She's not only a podcast master & advocate for women supporting other women, but she's also my friend & client! (I've organized her healthy pantry items, magnificent shoe collection, chemical-free toiletries, home office supplies, & even her undies, so we had no choice but to keep it REAL!) 


Find my Episode #33, plus so many more life-changing ones, & tons of other helpful resources Kelli provides here:

@thisistheplatform &

See a video clip from the full podcast here with Paige & Kelli.

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" I loved your podcast episode!!! You guys!!! Make time to listen. There are so many gifts, it will touch your heart, your life! Paige, thank you for sharing your gifts, & contributing to us!!! Thank you for always stretching outside your comfort zone out of contribution, love, & purpose!!! XOXO.” 

- Kelly, CA

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"I’ve listened to the whole thing!! You were amazing!!!! SO genuine. Loved your story & how much your faith is a part of your journey.” 

- Kristy, CA

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Follow me on Instagram to see before & after transformations, organization & style pics, & view the highlights from my stories! 

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"A stylish Mom is always prepared."

-Paige Killian