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Meet Paige

I'm Paige Killian, a Southern girl from Tennessee, turned wife and mom of two, now living in Southern California. Being raised in the South and then moving across the country to sunshine and effortless beauty and style was a big change! It was one I craved. I loved my roots, but I wanted more! 


With lots of fun adventures in the last two decades, including marrying my dream guy, living in New York for a couple of years, raising two awesome kids, becoming an elementary school teacher, starting an organizing biz, creating an award-winning podcast, writing a bestselling book, and meeting some incredible girlfriends along the way, I've learned a few things. It turns out, that effortless beauty and style I discovered when I arrived about 20 years ago actually wasn't so effortless! Shocker, I know. There are a million ways to become overwhelmed with keeping up with the Joneses, or the Kardashians!


You know what else? As a working mom of littles in my now forties (GASP! How did that happen so fast?), I've learned that those pressures to be perfect exist pretty much everywhere you live. That is why I have decided to do something about it! I've decided to declare publically...I can't do it all perfectly. No one can! We can, however, find the style that works best for us in our home (and business).


On this site, you will find all of the ways I have learned over the years to pivot and enjoy every season of my life (or most of it) doing the things I love, and doing the things...well, you just gotta do. I'll share with you my secrets you may want to use to organize and style your life the way it works best for you and your amazing family. Because let's face it, it's too hard to do everything perfectly, but we can do Everything With Style!

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Paige's Speaker Bio

Paige Killian, founder and CEO of Everything With Style, her professional organizing company, is a wife, mom of two, and Mompreneur Strategist. Her passion for helping busy moms of littles get organized, using her 3 E's Philosophy, grew exponentially when she launched her first multi-award-winning, internationally top-ranked podcast, The Mom’s Organization Motivation Podcast in 2020, followed by her bestselling book, I’VE GOT YOU, GIRLFRIEND! Why Getting Organized & Living This Mom Life is NOT a Solo Mission. Her second chart-topping podcast, Time To Pivot, debuted in 2023. Paige speaks to women around the world about the importance of embracing change and pivoting with confidence. She shares how to do this with her simplified 3-step goal setting strategy, that eliminates overwhelm and inspires action! 

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" I love your podcast! You guys!!! Make time to listen. There are so many gifts, it will touch your heart, your life! Paige, thank you for sharing your gifts, and contributing to us. Thank you for always stretching outside your comfort zone out of contribution, love, and purpose!” 

- Kelly, CA


"I’ve listened to your podcast! You are amazing!!!! SO genuine. Love your story and how much your faith is a part of your journey.” 

- Kristy, CA

"A stylish Mom is always prepared."
-Paige Killian

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