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Ready to get started organizing & styling your beautiful, busy life, but unsure of where to start?

As a recovering perfectionist, I know a thing or two about stress & anxiety. I've tested & retested some strategies that have worked for me & the busy Moms I am blessed to work with. I've put these strategies in easy-to-do online courses, include them at all my speaking events, & put them into motion when I work with my private clients.

Need some direction for which one would work best for you?

Consider your organizational style...

Like to be inspired? ​​​

Prefer hand holding?

How does knowing your organizational style serve you?

It can keep you from wasting time, trying to do or be something you're not, causing more stress or anxiety. Knowing the style that resonates best with you helps you implement change faster! You can see results more immediately when you are using that knowledge to move past a learning curve & get to work on bringing your dreams to life. I encourage you to take a moment to think about that as you move forward, so the progress or change you may be seeking can be reached sooner, rather than later!

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"I can do a lot of things, but organizing drawers & closets & cupboards makes me want to just give up as soon as I start! Working with Paige has truly been a blessing for my life. She makes the entire process so seamless & she is incredibly thoughtful choosing ways to organize everything, from the containers to hangers & all the little pieces that I have no idea what they are, but make everything simple & beautiful for my daily life. She’s the only person I will let rummage through my undies & secret hideaways of clutter because she doesn’t have a judgmental bone in her body. She is here to make my life better & more productive & she does that in every way. I don’t remember life before Paige, & I don’t plan on ever going back. Thanks for changing my life, sister!"

- Kelli, CA

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“Paige Killian is a godsend.  I have seen Paige speak in a group setting as well as worked with her individually in my home.  She has a unique ability to engage an audience & determine which tools from her library of knowledge will be most useful & easy to implement.  When Paige came to my home I had a storage area & children’s art/craft space that had both been complete disaster areas for almost seven years.  She was able to come in & break down the organizing into simple steps.  Within a few hours, the areas were cleaned out & organized in a way that could be maintained with everything easy to find (even for a very messy husband & daughter)!”

-Lori, CA

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"Clear the clutter to see the blessings."

-Paige Killian