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Teen Night:
New Year, New Era

Let's make this the best year ever!

It's girl's night! Join us in your favorite pajamas for some fun & focus as we ring in 2024 with encouraging friends!

Saturday, January 6th

HAPPY NEW YEAR! School is back in session and now's the time to put pen to paper and write down our hopes and dreams for this upcoming year.

We'll start off the night with music, small bites, raffle prizes, and winners will be announced for best pajamas! Chances to win start at 5:15 so don't miss out

Next, is a short presentation to inspire goal setting for 2024 and beyond with journal prompts and time to share with the group, so we can support each other.

Finally, we'll write letters to our future selves to be opened next year and create vision boards as a reminder for what we hope to achieve!

More chances to win fun prizes as we wrap up the night.

*Cell phones will be muted and left by the door upon entry.

Don't worry, I'll get pics and videos to share of the night!

*Parents pick up by 8pm.

More details for the night...

This is your year to shine!

It's time to use your gifts and many talents to make the most of your friendships, school year, extracurricular activities, and anything else that's important to you.

Don't miss this chance to get the extra support to set and accomplish your goals and make your dreams a reality.

See you there!

Confetti Storm

Who's hosting this?


Presented by Paige Killian,
Proud Mom & Motivational Speaker

In case we haven't met here's a little more about me. I'm a mom of two and a former elementary school teacher of more than fifteen years. I left that career in 2016 to start my own professional organizing company, Everything With Style.

I'm passionate about helping busy moms get organized in 3 simple steps so they can spend more time on the things that are most important! When the pandemic hit, I had to pivot my in-home organizing business to continue to serve my clients. I started The Mom's Organization Motivation Podcast in 2020, which is in the top 1% of podcasts globally and is listened to in more than 100 countries. I published a book on this subject soon after and last year launched the TIME TO PIVOT Podcast for those on a mission for more.

Along the way I've been speaking at events and recently launched a 4-Day Online Organizing Challenge (round 2 will be February 5th-8th) and was surprised to see teenagers and young adults attend the challenge as well. The resounding feedback was that I should be "teaching this stuff to kids and at colleges too, since it's not taught in school."

So here we are! I'm thrilled to be offering teen events and upcoming virtual challenges for them as well. Need them to keep their room cleaner, get better at time management, and help out more around the house? I'll keep you posted.

I look forward to getting to know your awesome girls better & encouraging them to dream big & use their gifts to serve others! 

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