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Space to Breathe

Three Women

Let's embrace the new year with confidence!

"For I know the plans I have for you...plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Jeremiah 29:11

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Saturday, January 27th

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We survived the holidays and now's the time to put pen to paper and write down our hopes and dreams for this upcoming year.

We're holding space for each other to have the breakthroughs we may be needing to go into this new year feeling supported and inspired!

We'll start off the morning with music, brunch bites and bubbles, raffle prizes, and a chance to shop with local vendors. 

Next, is a presentation to inspire goal setting for 2024 and beyond with journal prompts and time to share with the group, so we can support each other.

Finally, we'll be led by the incomparable Lauren Little in a HypnoBreathwork session. Not sure what that is? I didn't know either until I experienced it myself at the end of last year, and the result caused a massive shift in my life and business. Don't worry...she's not hypnotizing us! 

She is, however, going to take us through a powerful experience that moves the stagnant energy out of our body and gets our brain firing on all cylinders! Not to mention, she'll have an epic playlist and encouraging words that always bring me clarity and motivation.

Do NOT miss this day, that just might change your life!

*Early bird price is $97 until January 21st!! Then $147!

More details for the day...

Learn more about the HynoBreathwork sessions Lauren leads and the incredible experience I had working with her the last couple of months of 2023.

Here's a link to Episode 33 on the TIME TO PIVOT podcast.


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More about the hosts...

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Paige Killian, founder and CEO of Everything With Style, her professional organizing company, is a wife, mom of two, and Mompreneur Strategist. Her passion for helping busy moms of littles get organized, using her 3 E's Philosophy, grew exponentially when she launched her first multi-award-winning, internationally top-ranked podcast, The Mom’s Organization Motivation Podcast in 2020, followed by her bestselling book, I’VE GOT YOU, GIRLFRIEND! Why Getting Organized & Living This Mom Life is NOT a Solo Mission. Her second chart-topping podcast, Time To Pivot, debuted in 2023. Paige speaks to women around the world about the importance of embracing change and pivoting with confidence. She shares how to do this with her simplified 3-step goal setting strategy, that eliminates overwhelm and inspires action! 


Lauren Little is a Certified HypnoBreathwork and an Intuitive Sales Coach, based in Los Angeles, who infuses energetic alignment and the power of breath to get you clear and aligned on what you need to be doing to amplify your confidence, voice, and impact. Through the power of Breath, Lauren has helped hundreds of people get to the root of their undissolved emotions and old wounds and allow them to step into a world where their wildest dreams and hearts desires become their reality. With 16 years of Sales and 5 years of Breathwork coaching, she has a fire in her soul to guide her clients and community to create a powerful flow and rhythm within both their personal and professional lives. Join her on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence to rise to unimaginable heights. 

We look forward to getting to know you better, encouraging you to dream big & use your gifts to make this year the best one ever! 

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