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4-Day Organizing Challenge

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Let's get organized in 3 simple steps!

Imagine your home is your sanctuary. A peaceful place that greets you after a long day. It's not a source of stress and frustration. In fact, it's where you want to go to get away from it all when you need a break. It's where you're proud to invite friends and family when you're feeling social.

Now imagine that you can have that in 3 simple steps! No more fights with the kids about where things go or questioning where something was left because it didn't have a designated spot to live. No more wasting food or money because you can't see what you have. No more overflowing toys that are a total eye-sore or clothes that sit in your closet and never get worn. Say goodbye to clutter and a disorganized house, and say hello to a tidy, well-organized home you enjoy!

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Presented by Paige Killian,
Professional Organizer

Dates TBD...
9am PST Zoom

Get excited for this 4-Day Virtual Organizing Challenge! 


Day 1-3 we’ll have a one-hour zoom call to talk about one step each day in my 3-step strategy for getting organized and Q&A. We'll have a little homework to test it out and watch the stress and overwhelm disappear.


Day 4 we’ll talk about the organization transformation that happened over the previous 3 days, diving deeper into any roadblocks or new-found ease that came with breaking it down to 3 simple steps. 


There will be opportunities to continue to work more together one-on-one virtually for more organizing or setting and accomplishing all new goals to start your year strong! 

*Calls will be recorded for replay if you can't make it live.

*Spots are limited, so sign up now before it's full!

In this online challenge we will cover:

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Ready for your before and after transformation? 

playroom closet BEFORE pic.HEIC

Limited spots, join now!


“To say my life is crazy busy is an understatement. I am mom to three young kiddos, a competitive marathoner, fitness writer and author of my blog I am constantly seeking new, innovative ways to structure my time as a mom, athlete and entrepreneur. Every second of my day is filled, and I'm always looking for more time to get everything accomplished. Paige is absolutely fabulous! Her 3 E's Philosophy is seamless, and she has the expertise to guide you on the track to gaining organizational skills that will yield precious time back into your life. I really appreciate her can do, no nonsense style, as well as the fact that you walk away feeling confident and better about tackling your tasks! I highly recommend her courses and believe it will change the way you structure your daily life. Thank you, Paige for modeling Everything With Style for moms to emulate!”

- Natalie, CA

“Paige has been an absolute lifesaver for my family! I instantly connected with Paige after she spoke to my Mommy & Me group and I knew I had to learn more about her 3 E's Philosophy. After completing her Online Kids Course, I was able to prioritize and organize my family's life so we have more time for the important things...each other! My eight-year-old daughter is happier than ever thanks to a consistent routine and a calmer, cleaner home. Thank you, Paige!"

- Amanda, CA

Now you can learn what I teach my clients and help them implement in their homes for thousands of dollars.


However, this 4-Day Virtual Organizing Challenge is only $97 and spaces are limited!

Join the Private Facebook Group

Once you've purchased the $97 Online Challenge you may request to be added to our private Facebook group, specifically for those registered. There you can find extra support when getting organized with the 3 E's! Post your before and after photos, ask questions, share your wins, and let's have fun while we organize together! 

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