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3 E's Checklist

Let's talk about the fact that we have a million things going through our mind at any given moment. Our physical, but mostly mental

to-do list, starts compounding from the moment we wake up.

Some things are super important and get attention quickly. Others get put off a few too many times until we can't take it anymore and accidentally yell at anyone in our path because it's totally stressing us out on the inside!

(Been there.)

Don't worry! I've got you, girlfriend.

Click the link to get my tried and true

3 E's Checklist that'll stop the overwhelm and get you closer to checking off all the

things on on your list.

In this checklist you'll see:

These are  your "must haves" or "must do's" in your home or schedule.


These add value or style to your essentials.


This is the cherry on top!
These complete the look and feel, taking it to the next level.

Ep 102- A Reflection of You_edited.jpg

Stressed Mom:
Toy explosion!

Happy Mom:
Toys contained!

It's time to go from crappy to happy in 3 simple steps!

Maybe you've thought it's impossible to really get all the things done that your heart desires.


Maybe you feel like there's not enough time in the day.


Or maybe it all seems so overwhelming that procrastination kicks in and you never even begin the projects you wish would be complete. 


Either way, this 3 E's checklist will help prioritize your goals (big and small)

 without the stress and overwhelm!

Your transformation is almost complete:

Benefit #1
Prioritize what's important to you.
Lean in and just begin!

Benefit #2
Value your time.
Shoot for 1% better!

Benefit #3
Achieve your goals.
3 simple steps? You can do that!

A note from Paige...

Hey busy mom! 

I see how hard you're working. I see the daily effort you put in to take care of your beautiful family. You're doing a great job!


I know what it's like to feel like those things that bug us to no end keep getting put on the back burner because we have more important things that top the list and need our attention first. That stuff will always be priority, but that doesn't mean the other areas around your house or on your schedule that aren't working so well right now have to be forgotten. 

I've found that simplifying those tasks to 3 steps will help you get them done without the overwhelm and that annoying mom guilt that sometimes creeps in. Grab this easy checklist so you can finally tackle those little (or big) projects and get back to the more important stuff. Once you check those things off your list you'll gain back your focus, since all the extra "to-dos" aren't taking up that valuable brain space. 

We moms have to stick together! I hope this checklist will simplify your life so you can get back to seeing the blessings all around you. Happy organizing.

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