What's an online course & why should I take one?

Glad you asked! Don't worry, you don't have to go back to school for this. It's fun & I'll be totally supporting you from start to finish! My online courses, free masterclass, mini course, & awesome freebies are designed for the busy Mom-on-the-go, self-study guru, or motivated DIY-er.


Pop in your earbuds & listen as you multitask, watch videos with helpful slides & tons of photo examples, enjoy printable checklists, absorb & implement the exact 3-step strategy I show my 1:1 private clients. Then, say goodbye to disorganization!

(Click the boxes to read more about each option to see which is right for you & contact me with any questions.) 

Online Courses

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Home Course

Organize & Style Your Home in 3 Simple Steps!

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Wardrobe Course

Organize & Style Your Wardrobe in 3 Simple Steps to fit the body you are in NOW!


Kids Course

Organize & Style Your Kids (& I don't mean cute outfits & trendy haircuts) in 3 Simple Steps!

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Schedule Course

When you Schedule your Life you always leave time for the Desires of your Heart!


Mini Course + workbook

Kids & Schedule: Give yourself More Credit for ALL that YOU Do!


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Free Playdate Checklist

Ensure a Successful Playdate for your Kids & You!

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Free Schedule Video

Redefine your To Do List to give you More Credit!


15 Minute Snack & Lunch Prep

Pack Snacks & Lunches for the WHOLE WEEK in just 15 Minutes using my 3 E's Philosophy!

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Free Masterclass

The 3 E's Philosophy to help Organize & Style your Home, Wardrobe, Kids & Schedule!

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Free Wardrobe Video

Intro to Simplify & 'Stylify' your Wardrobe!

When you register to receive your free checklist, video, audio, or start your online course, type in your email address & soon you will see it in your inbox! (If you don't see it there, double check your SPAM folder.)

It’s time to eliminate the stress or anxiety you may be feeling & create more joy in your life. As the clutter disappears, the organization takes shape, & you find ways to inject your own style, you may be surprised at what is revealed. New opportunities may arise, deeper connections may form with the people you love, a peace of mind you may not have had for a while could settle in, & you just might be able to see some incredible blessings God has given you a little more clearly. 

You deserve to have a life you love, not one that makes you crazy! These courses are a great place to start. Enjoy!

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“To say my life is crazy busy is an understatement. I am Mom to three young kiddos, a competitive marathoner, fitness writer & author of my blog NatRunsFar.com. I am constantly seeking new, innovative ways to structure my time as a Mom, athlete & entrepreneur. Every second of my day is filled, & I'm always looking for more time to get everything accomplished. Paige is absolutely fabulous! Her 3 E's Philosophy is seamless, & she has the expertise to guide you on the track to gaining organizational skills that will yield precious time back into your life. I really appreciate her can do, no nonsense style, as well as the fact that you walk away feeling confident & better about tackling your tasks! I highly recommend her courses & believe it will change the way you structure your daily life. Thank you, Paige for modeling Everything With Style for Moms to emulate!”

- Natalie, CA

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“Paige has been an absolute lifesaver for my family! I instantly connected with Paige after she spoke to my Mommy & Me group & I knew I had to learn more about her 3 E's Philosophy. After completing her Online Kids Course, I was able to prioritize & organize my family's life so we have more time for the important things...each other! My eight-year-old daughter is happier than ever thanks to a consistent routine & a calmer, cleaner home. Thank you, Paige!"

- Amanda, CA

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"Paige is amazing! I love listening to her great tips on getting organized in your daily routine, especially when it involves KIDS! In life, we all need help when it comes to time management, getting schedules on track, & just an overall plan to achieve it. I love any help I can get, & love that Paige delivers just that! I also appreciate her love for the Lord, & how she has put HIM as an important part of her process. Her 3 E's Philosophy just makes sense for prioritizing & getting stuff done! I love how it reminds you to put your needs on that full To Do List too. You will feel better in your role as a Mom, when you take her courses!”

- Tiffany, TN

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“Paige’s Online Kids Course, through Everything With Style, has been easy. After listening to the modules, I find I hold myself accountable for making better steps. I LOVE meal planning with my kid, for example. It’s been a game where we pick out what she wants and she packs it. IT WORKS! Also, the cleanse I felt from breaking down our closets...pure tranquility (for something so simple). Paige takes everyday tasks & gives “mommyhood,” & basic life functioning a different outlook.  You don’t have to be a mom to follow her lessons. These stories & examples translate across decades.”

- Tasneem, TN

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