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Episode 062: Move Your Body


When was the last time you did something for yourself? For me, this looks like prioritizing workouts. I used to be great at this. I did yoga, Pilates, Soul Cycle, dance classes, major organizing jobs that counted as cardio and weightlifting, and didn’t hesitate to hire a personal trainer when I needed that extra accountability.

I can easily get distracted by all those important Mom life things and find that another week or month has gone by, and I never really prioritized a physical workout. Can you relate?

This episode is a friendly reminder to spend some extra time on yourself. If that means a workout for you, but finding the time or money to make that happen feels overwhelming, simplify it! Just decide to move your body intentionally. If that’s 30 minutes of push-ups and stretching, going for a walk with your neighbor, or hiring a boxing trainer to whip you into shape, then go for it!

Here’s where I tell you I’m totally obsessed with boxing now because I hired a trainer. I needed the accountability, and boy did I get it! Stay tuned for a boxing video montage that will surely follow this episode.

Highlights from this episode:

{2:41} How quarantine has led to some unhelpful eating habits

{5:22} Hiring a personal trainer

{7:10} The importance of simplicity when moving your body

{7:58} Setting up a walking group

{8:55} Creating accountability

{10:46} Simple ways to use weights at home

{12:23} Find a way to move your body that works best for you

Mentioned on this episode:

Two Texas Chicas on FB for walking inspo

Future Episode 64 with Joanna Ennis

If your schedule feels too packed or finding time to prioritize yourself keeps getting put off, checkout my Kids and Schedule Mini Course and my Online Schedule Course! Both will have you getting organized in your life with kids and your schedule in 3 simple steps, because who has time for more than that?!?

For more resources to organize your busy life, head over to and connect with me @everythingwithstylemom on Instagram so we can motivate each other to move our bodies and, of course, get organized!

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