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Episode 140: Miscellaneous Drawers & Cabinets


Ever wonder what to do with all your randoms you need, but don’t necessarily have the proper space for storing?

This episode will have you rethinking some of your drawers and cabinets for all those miscellaneous items that need a home, using the 3 E’s.

Whether it’s an endless amount of Pokémon cards (Yep! We’re in that boat now!), kids’ toys and activities, clothes, books, seasonal items, gift wrapping supplies, or any other randoms you can’t live without, you may have the imperfectly perfect spot for them if you think outside the box (or drawer, or cabinet)!

Highlights from this episode:

(04:15) The beauty of a random cabinet

(08:08) Miscellaneous bins

(11:15) Containers, containers, containers

(15:20) Kids’ activity areas

Mentioned on this episode:

I hope this episode gives you some creative ideas for organizing the miscellaneous areas in your home!

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