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Episode 058: Under-the-Stairs Closet Organization


This week I’m talking about how to organize that awkwardly shaped closet under your stairs for our third week of the Spring Cleaning Series (now affectionately known as the “We can do better!” Series).

After a quick recap of the beginning episodes in April about countertops & entryways, I discuss how to get this storage closet organized in 3 simple steps!

Whether it’s being used for holiday decor, memorabilia storage, an activity closet, your luggage and surfboard collection, an adorable kid cave for book reading and making sweet memories, or a catch-all for everything you own, it should definitely be working best for you and your family!

Using The 3 E’s Philosophy, let’s maximize that space to its fullest potential and have your future self thanking you for investing the time in a good purge, donation of unused items, and outfitting it with the proper organization!

Highlights from this episode:

{2:38} Summary of the last two episodes in the April Spring Cleaning Series

{8:38} Purging your under-the-stairs closet

{9:01} Organizing this space for your future self

{13:01} Having a yard sale

{14:32} Mounting longer items onto the tallest part of the space

{15:11} Thinking about what you'll need to use the soonest

{16:14} Organizing a smaller under-the-stairs closet

{17:23} The Elfa shelving system

{19:37} Using over-the-door organizers

{21:37} Organizing sentimental items in your closet

{22:29} Using this space as a fun kid cave

Mentioned on this episode:

Elfa Shelving System from The Container Store

*GIVEAWAY!!! In honor of the podcast’s 1 year anniversary, I’m doing a $100 gift card giveaway to The Container Store!!! To enter, WRITE A REVIEW on Apple Podcasts in the month of April! If you have written one in the past (thank you), but you’ll need to write another one in the month of April for an entry into this giveaway. No limit to how many times you can write a review! You’ll get an entry for every review you write in April.

For additional entries, screenshot an episode(s) you’re listening to and tag me @everythingwithstylemom on Instagram!

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As always, checkout for more resources and find me on Instagram @everythingwithstylemom for some organization motivation!

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