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Episode 056: Clear Those Countertops


This episode about clearing the clutter on our countertops kicks off the Spring Cleaning Series in April. This one is for anyone who thinks it’s time to up the organization in their home, not just busy Moms of littles.

Full disclosure: I hate cleaning. Yep! I can organize the heck out of your pantry, closet, or garage, but the actual cleaning part is not my fave.

So this month, I’ll be first easing into spring cleaning from an organizer’s perspective, starting with our countertops that can easily be considered the catch-all for everything! Whether it’s the never-ending mail pile, the life-size kid artwork, the works in progress, the food-stained, extra appliances, or your makeup, yesterday’s laundry, and your child’s random collection of whatever they’ve picked up on walks recently, it’s time we cleared the clutter to see the blessings all around us!

Don’t let that stuff get in the way of your creativity or your peace of mind. It’s time for a good purge, donation, and adding in the proper organization to beautifully contain the things you are keeping on your countertops!

Highlights from this episode:

{2:42} Clearing the clutter to see the blessings God has for us

{3:33} Who the Spring Cleaning Series episodes are for

{4:32} How your items can become clutter if they haven't found a place in your home

{7:14} Don't be scared to do a good purge

{13:03} Getting help at home to stay organized

{16:27} Reminder of the 3 E's

{17:42} Ensuring the items you have on your countertops serve you in form or function

{21:48} Choosing the right containers for your space

Mentioned on this episode:

Paige’s Top 3’s (my favorite organizers/containers)

Ready to do some serious spring cleaning in your home, but feel like that’s too overwhelming? I’ve created an easy-to-follow and implement 3-step strategy to get your home organized and styled once and for all! Read more about my Online Home Course and how it will have you seeing major progress fast in just 3 simple steps!

For more resources head over to and find me on Instagram @everythingwithstylemom for some organization motivation!

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