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Episode 057: A Welcoming Entryway


To continue our Spring Cleaning Series this month, I’m talking about how to make our entryway a welcoming place for our guests and ourselves!

It’s so easy to come into our home with our arms full of stuff like a stack of mail, keys, bags, sunglasses, groceries, work items, kid activities, coats, backpacks, and drop them on the floor or side table with the best of intentions of putting them away later.

Suddenly our entryway becomes a dumping ground for everything we’ve used that day, plus the entire family’s shoes they’ve worn throughout the week. It looks more like a locker room that a tornado blew through than a great first impression that paints a picture of our inviting home.

We can do better! On this episode I talk about some simple and very effective ways to clear the clutter, use some best practices for keeping it looking tidy as you organize on autopilot, and add some style that represents you in your entryway and says, “Welcome!”

Highlights from this episode:

{2:02} You are worth the time and investment of creating a warm and welcoming entryway

{3:32} Storing your shoes and using catch all baskets

{8:35} Storing other entryway items

{9:12} Creating routines for children when they come home from school

{10:56} Styling a small table for your entryway

{11:41} How to create a bench space for your guests at your front door

{13:26} Getting your family on board with keeping your entryway organized

{15:08} Using artwork in your space

{17:16} How organizing this small space can have a big impact

{17:41} Making sure that clutter is not doing the talking for your home

Mentioned on this episode:

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For more resources to organize and style your busy life, head over to and follow me on Instagram @everythingwithstylemom for some organization motivation!

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