Episode 003: Organize on Autopilot

Ever feel like your organization efforts have been in vain? Maybe you put in the initial effort to get rid of the clutter, put your items in the proper bins that look nice, or tried to rework some spaces in your home after searching all the popular DIY PINTEREST pics? Then a week or month after the new improvements were made, it’s a mess again?

Sure! We’ve all been there!

So how can you get back on track of living an organized life? And how can you make it stick this time?

Learn to ‘organize on autopilot!’

In this episode, I’ll suggest some practical strategies to make getting & staying organized feel as familiar & simple as driving the kiddos back home from school.

You won’t have to think about every little step, because you’ll simply be living an organized life automatically!

Here are the highlights for this episode:

{03:42} Living an organized life on autopilot

{06:26} Multitasking

{15:02} Getting the kids prepped to be organized

{21:51} Organizing on autopilot  in the kitchen & pantry

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