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Episode 034: Help Your Future Self


This November I’m starting a Thankfulness Series. On this episode I discuss doing things now so that your ‘future self’ will thank you! 

More than ever before we are spending lots of time in our homes, and the need to have some organization in place is real. If you’re a busy mom of littles you’re most likely making snacks and meals round the clock, entertaining the kids, providing social and educational activities, and may even be homeschooling. Not to mention, you still have all of your other responsibilities like running a household, creating pandemic-friendly birthday parties, attempting to connect with your besties however socially-distanced you feel is appropriate, and possibly working outside the home too (even if that takes place inside the home these days)!

All of these things require some level of planning ahead and organizing your space and schedules to make it all work. Even if it’s not the most convenient thing to do, the effort you make now will definitely help your future self. 

This episode had me thinking back to some past ones I’ve done (see links below) that suggest ways to simplify the organizing process, so it’s working best for the whole family! 

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{5:46} Getting organized to help our future self

{9:17} The importance of giving yourself grace

{16:05} Working hard now to help your future self

{19:49} Having difficult conversations

Mentioned on this episode:

Fun Thanksgiving tradition: Turkey on the Table

Not only are the daily tasks a great place to start when setting your future self up for success, but also it’s important to talk with your family about the things that can sometimes be difficult or uncomfortable. Financial conversations, wishes of your family members when they pass or become sick, and plans for their home and belongings may not be the most enjoyable topics now, but trust me, your future self will be so grateful you did! 

For more resources on simple ways to plan ahead checkout my Online Schedule Course. It’s designed to help the busy mom of littles organize and style her schedule so it’s working best for everyone in the family! Click here to read more about it. 

Here’s a quick free video for a little mom motivation when it comes to prepping ahead on that daily to do list too. 

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