Episode 030: The Never-Ending Mail Pile

No matter how organized you are, the constant inflow of mail never ends. You can count on it daily. If you aren’t staying super consistent with purging the junk mail and organizing the rest, it can quickly take over your countertops and drive you crazy! 

Here are this week’s 3 E’s to keep your mail organized:

Essential: purge/shred any junk mail before it even comes into your house. Cancel any catalogues, magazines, or subscriptions you aren’t using anymore to eliminate extra mail clutter.

Enhancement: handle the mail as fast as you can! Don’t put off paying bills, RSVPing to events, filing important documents, and shredding/tossing the rest.

Extra: put paper organization bins in a place that’s convenient. Designate a place/container for gift cards/coupons, memorabilia, important documents like tax info, items in limbo, “to-be-filed” paperwork, and permanent paper storage (lock boxes, file folders). Have a space for each member of the household. 

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Here are the highlights from this episode:

{3:10} A system to organize a never-ending mail pile

{4:34} The Essential: purge junk mail and get rid of anything you don’t need

{13:24} The Enhancement: handle the mail as fast as you can

{16:46} The Extra: organize your mail in appropriate containers

Don’t let that never-ending mail pile consume you and your time. Start today, getting 1% better at organizing it. Throw away one letter, pay one bill, or respond to one invitation. That’s better than ignoring it...AGAIN! Don’t worry, you’ve got this. Lean in and just begin! 

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