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Episode 002: The Cost of Disorganization


With only the best of intentions, I’m discussing a sensitive subject on this episode. When we are shouldering lots of responsibility from caring for our kids, supporting a spouse or family member, additionally working outside the home, or trying to juggle the social and spiritual parts of our lives, even the most organized mom can let things fall through the cracks.

Just like the dentist pushes on those cavities so we can feel the pain points and know for certain that they need some extra attention, I’m going to press in on some potential areas that might need some work too. It turns out these sensitive spots could be costing you.

Have you ever noticed that you incur late fees on bills because you’ve misplaced them or they got lost under a mountain of mail piles? That can lead to guilt, unnecessary stress, and even arguments about money management.

What about a lack of prioritizing things in your schedule or failing to properly set up your space so that getting out the door on time doesn’t have to be such a struggle? Are you letting your family, friends, or coworkers down because you can’t seem to get organized or stay that way for long?

There’s definitely a cost of disorganization, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

Living a life we want to be living sounds amazing, so let’s find ways right now to make that possible! If getting organized has been on your to do list for a while now, it’s time to make it happen. A great first step to getting there is asking for help. Talk to your spouse, your kids, a therapist, your pastor...or your pastor’s wife. Get a coach, or a trainer, or an organizer! Don’t try to do everything alone.

Just because we can do it all, doesn’t mean we have to. Let’s clear the clutter to see the blessings God has for us.

Here are this episode’s highlights:

{04:08} When I usually get called into a client’s home

{05:15} Quote from Organizer, Peter Walsh.

{06:06} What to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed with clutter

{06:40} Dealing with mail

{09:15} Your morning routine

{12:42} Being organized at work

{15:54} Who can help you get organized

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