Episode 028: "It Takes a Village"

It feels like there are so many new responsibilities now that school is back in session! I’ll take all the help I can get these days, because I don’t want to have to do it alone. 

On this episode I fully lean into the fact that we need backup! And, we need to put in some effort to get our schedule structured in a way that works best for our whole family. There are a few words to keep in mind when doing this: Communication, Delegation, Prioritize, Compromise, Flexibility, & Positivity!

I know, you thought I worked with "3s" but I totally gave you 6 words to think about...as if you don't have enough on your mind! They all go hand-in-hand so don't let it stress you out. Instead, let it take some stress away.

Here are the highlights in this episode:

{3:18} Why we need to have a good and structured schedule 

{10:28} The Essentials: have a great way of communicating and delegate

{12:41} The Enhancements: prioritize and compromise

{14:47} The Extras: flexibility and positivity

(18:08} Find your balance

For more resources on how to organize your schedule with the kiddos, checkout these helpful links that keep it simple:

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Online Schedule Course

Online Kids Course

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