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Episode 007: The Essential Purge


If 3 simple steps to getting organized seems easy enough, but you find yourself stuck on step number one, this episode is for you! I always believe the first step should be the ESSENTIAL purge.

This may be a challenge for you though for any number of reasons. Do you wonder what you should keep and what you should purge? Perhaps you have items you aren’t using or wearing, but you spent money on them and it’s hard to say goodbye. You may feel unmotivated to get started because you don’t think you have the time to tackle organization in every room of your home.

If any of these reasons or others are holding you back, this episode will give you answers and the motivation you need to move forward.

I’ll discuss what to purge and what to keep, how to let go of those items confidently knowing they’ll serve someone else, and how to focus on getting just 1% more organized each day!

I understand the stress that disorganization can cause and how all the stuff can feel overwhelming. Let’s clear the clutter to see the blessings you might be missing. We’ll do it together and one simple step at a time. So grab your bag with handles and let’s start today!

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{2:54} Getting past not wanting to purge

{3:35} Aiming to be 1% better

{6:26} Getting rid of hand-me-downs

{7:11} Using your bags with handles

{9:52} Using a commercial break to get more organized

{13:54} Donating unwanted items

For more on organizing your home in 3 simple steps, check out my online Home Course. It’s full of helpful advice on how to accomplish each step easily and joyfully, tangible tips to get it done quickly, transformation photos that’ll inspire, and helpful bonus videos and pdfs to get to your desired results!

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