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Episode 022: A Successful Yard Sale


Finally, I get to dive deeper on this episode into step 2 of your 3 simple steps of getting organized, the SALE! Once you’ve done that Essential PURGE as your first step, it’s time to get a little ROI from the items you’re purging. 

I delayed this episode as the health pandemic made this step a bit more difficult while we are all facing safety guidelines, including social distancing, wearing masks, and being careful when sharing items with each other. These necessary measures make a garage or yard sale a lot harder these days. However, as cities reopen businesses, schools, and allow for more human interaction, I wanted to give you my 3 steps to have a successful yard sale, should you choose to try one! 

Now don’t think this is an archaic concept and only something your parents may have done in the 80s and 90s! You can get some extra cash in your pocket (or money in your Venmo or PayPal account if exchanging dollar bills is something you are avoiding) when you choose to sell the items in your home that aren’t serving you anymore. 

You can do this by sticking to the 3 E’s. After you’ve done the Essential PURGE and added those items to bags with handles, it’s time to prep for your Enhancement of a SALE in 3 simple steps. 

I share with you those steps in detail on this episode and also offer this helpful checklist to ensure it’s a great success! 

This episode and easy-to-follow list will have money in your pocket with minimal effort in 3 steps, with 3 days of prep, and only 3 hours on sale day! See? You can do that! 

Highlights for this episode:

{1:34} The successful yard sale checklist

{9:16} Step 1: the purge

{11:10} Grouping items for sale

{17:15} Step 2: the prep

{23:46} Getting signs ready

{29:36} Step 3: the sale

Any items that aren’t sold can be donated to local charities (and get a tax write-off), consigned in-store or online, or bagged up to offer hand-me-downs to your besties! It’s a win win for everyone! 

Mentioned in this episode:

Have you checked out my Online Home Course yet? It’s packed with before and after organization transformation pics, helpful PDFs, and videos to help you get organized and love your space. There’s a whole module dedicated to a successful yard sale as well! 

For more resources for organizing and styling your busy life, head over to and follow me @everythingwithstylemom on Instagram! 

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