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Episode 001: The 3 E's Philosophy


Organizing and styling your space can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Yes, that’s my former Kindergarten teacher talk coming out, but it’s also exactly how I plan to explain my 3 E's Philosophy in this first episode.

After teaching those adorable four and five year olds, and parenting littles of my own for many years, I found that 3 simple steps were enough to keep them focused on the task at hand, but not be too overwhelming for them. As adults we are certainly better at multitasking and can handle more steps than that, however, who has the time or patience for that these days?!? We are BUSY!

3 simple steps seems to be the sweet spot for my clients and my family, so The 3 E’s Philosophy was born. This includes your Essentials, Enhancements, and Extras and is laid out as a beginning, middle, and end to the organization process.

In this episode, I’ll discuss what each step is and my suggestion for using this 3-part strategy for getting organized and styling your home.

Here are the highlights:

{02:56} Introduction to the 3 E’s Philosophy

{05:37} Bringing value to others with your organizing

{08:17} Summary of the 3 steps - Essentials, Enhancements & Extras.

Here is the link to my '3 E's Checklist' for you to download.

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