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Episode 004: The Unjunky Junk Drawer


What does the multitasking SuperMom need at a moment’s notice to be prepared for anything in her home? A fully functioning junk drawer!

This is basically the equivalent of a Mary Poppins carpetbag of tricks, but the only way this junk drawer works best is if it’s 'unjunky.' Yes, that’s a word.  

In this episode, you’ll hear my advice on how to keep your junk drawer organized, what to keep in it or be kept elsewhere, and which room in your house it will probably serve you best.

From pens to tape, bandaids to batteries, spare keys to personalized name tags, and everything in between, we’ll make sure that unjunky junk drawer is earning you some major cool mom points the next time someone shouts, “Hey, Mom, I need a ....!”

Here are the highlights for this episode:

{0:59} Rethinking what a junk drawer is

{02:48} How to create an unjunky drawer using the 3 E’s Philosophy

{06:15} What to have in your junk drawer

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