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Episode 010: Reclaim Your Space


Is it time to reclaim your space that’s been taken over by clutter, toys, paperwork, or just extra bodies because of all this quarantining?

Well, my guest and sweet friend, Amy Pendergraft and I, talk about how we did just that. As a client of mine we got to create a restful oasis for her a couple of years ago, that actually inspired one of my favorite chapters in my book I called ‘Legos in the Bedroom.’ This definitely brought up some laughs and a relatable feeling of overwhelm that can happen when the kids’ stuff has taken over your personal space!

We also discussed how her family is making their space work well for them, while currently homeschooling and working remotely, with individual work stations and school supply baskets.

Not only did we get real about organizing her space one simple step at a time, we shared how this interesting time is calling us to recalibrate and be more patient than ever.

Amy kindly offers a timely message about patience and trusting God when things are uncertain. I needed this episode so much, and I’m sure you will find hope, encouragement, and some organization motivation here!

Be sure to check out her new daily devotional she’s been working on as well. They are thoughtfully crafted and sure to be a hit with your family!

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:25} Introducing Amy Pendergraft

{4:16} What faith means to Amy especially during these times

{8:37} How to be patient

{13:14} The importance of reclaiming your space

{17:23} How Amy claims her space during these times

{20:20} The opportunity to take control

{25:42} The daily devotional

To connect with Amy:

Click the link for the family devotional Amy spoke about in this episode. (COMING SOON)

For more resources on how to organize and reclaim your space, checkout my free Masterclass that breaks it down to 3 simple steps:

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