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Episode 055: Laundry Room Organization


Does your laundry room have you dreading that household chore, or make you want to sneak back in for a much-needed therapy moment?!? Doing laundry can actually feel therapeutic if you’ve set up your space well and don’t allow it to become overrun with stuff that doesn’t belong there.

On this episode I’m talking about lots of ways to create a dreamy laundry room with organization that has both form and function. Yes, please!

Organizing the drawers and cabinets, keeping countertops clear for folding and available for holding some inspiring items, wall-mounting cleaning tools, and grouping like items so everything is user-friendly, are just a few ways to feel less dread and more zen when you step into your laundry room. Listen to the episode for the exact ways that I’ve made this space work for me and for my favorite busy mom clients!

Highlights from this episode:

{2:41} How laundry can be therapy

{5:28} Agreeing with your family what the laundry space will look like and how it will be used

{11:09} How to decide what you need in your laundry space

{20:11} How to up your organization game

{23:46} Using rolling racks to organize your laundry

{27:34} Other uses for your laundry space

{29:04} Creating a gift area in your laundry space

{31:18} Using orthopedic mats

{34:25} Making your laundry space beautiful and inviting

{38:19} Using wall mounts for mops and brooms

Mentioned on this episode:

My favorite laundry room organizers:

Is your laundry room not the only spot you want to organize in 3 simple steps? Checkout my Online Home Course that’s super helpful in tackling each room in your home!

For more resources and freebies to organize and style your busy life head over to and find me on Instagram @everythingwithstylemom for some organization motivation!

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