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Episode 19: Why You Should Write a Book


Whether you feel like you’ve got a message to share, have learned valuable lessons you feel compelled to teach, desire to serve others, want to entertain or educate an audience, or position yourself as an expert in your field, it’s time to consider writing a book!

Feel all the feelings like fear, anxiety, uncertainty? Wondering how you’ll find the time to write, if anyone would want to read it or purchase it, how to structure an outline for creating it, if you need a literary agent, a publisher, or should self publish?

I get it. It’s overwhelming and scary, but it’s also very possible. The world needs your unique message!

Reach out on the contact page at and let’s figure it out together.


(02:06) Turn your passion into purpose

(04:00) Share your message with the world

(08:50) Unlikely inspiration

(13:45) Make people want to read it

(17:31) The writing process

(20:13) Who are you speaking to?

(22:31) Make it personal and relatable


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Be sure to catch the last two episodes to hear how my editor and publisher encouraged me through all of those questions and roadblocks.

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