Is it time to add some organization & style to your next event?

 I'd love to be the speaker who brings it!

Have a large or small group of women who could benefit from some easy organization strategies, style tips to live by, a big dose of Mom encouragement & motivation, plus some belly laughs about parenting? Then let's pick a date!


(WARNING: I'm a hand-talker!)

Here are some of my most-requested topics:​​


Using The 3 E’s Philosophy

(3 simple steps to break down your to-do list & accomplish your Mom goals) 


Organizing on Autopilot

(how to use your multi-tasking Mom skills)


Tweaking Your Schedule 

(putting self-care back on the list or reworking it so it's working best for you

& your family)


Packing Snacks & Lunches for the Week


How to Tackle a Yard Sale

(or feel encouraged to purge unused items & donate to a local charity)


Motivation to Rework Your Wardrobe into a Capsule Collection

(that makes you feel great, purging the old & tailoring the ill-fitting items to revive your faves)   


​​​Giving Yourself More Credit

(for all that you do as a Mom)


Creating a Sense of ‘Hotel Heaven’ in Your Home


Combatting Mom Guilt About Disorganization

(the cost associated with hanging on to every piece of artwork, stuffed animal, baby clothes, or sentimental item)


Developing a Servant's Heart at Any Age

(incorporating The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman)


How to Pursue the Desires of Your Heart

(when you are a busy Mom of littles)


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For booking & more information on each of these topics, or request to speak on a different topic, please contact me at I look forward to speaking at your next event!


"I have had the pleasure of hearing Paige speak at Moms Group & in my Mommy & Me class. Each time I have taken away different helpful hints to help keep my home organized. I, like many moms, have the ‘kid clutter’ & am always looking for ways to organize and purge. Paige’s 3 E’s have truly helped me think through my organizing style. One tip that stands out to me was Paige suggested having a box or something similar in each of my kid’s closets, & as they grow out of clothes, add them to the box. Then once it’s full you can hand it down to a friend or donate the clothes. Simple things like this help keep me sane & our living space more functional." 

-Denise, CA

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“Before I ever heard Paige speak I did not think that much about organizing. It wasn’t part of my routine & honestly I didn’t have that much “stuff” to organize. Fast forward a few years & three kids later, knowing how & what to organize has become a daily chore in my house. There is SO much stuff! Toys, clothes, school projects...the list goes on & on. After listening to Paige speak the first time I was inspired to both purge & organize. I walked through each room & looked at each countertop & thought to myself “What would Paige say to do?”. She has great insight & tips into how to make a space less cluttered, more functional, & overall a more enjoyable environment.”

-Kelly, CA

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"I have had the absolute pleasure to hear Paige Killian speak on a number of occasions at both school & church-related events. I often put off organizing because I find it challenging & overwhelming. I seem to live in a constant state of chaos with my husband & three kids. Paige has given me ideas to help create order out of my chaos. Listening to her & watching her demonstrate some "easy" organizing tips has inspired me to try what I thought was impossible. One specific task that I find rather daunting is preparing my kids' lunches & snacks. I used to prepare them in the morning. We were almost always late to school because it would take me longer than I had anticipated. Thanks to Paige's simple tips, I now have a system in place that makes me happy & does not interfere with us getting to school on time. She has taught me that staying organized can decrease my overall anxiety, & it does not require a whole lot of effort. Thanks so much, Paige!"

-Lorie, CA

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