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Episode 18: Publish a Bestseller


Curious about publishing a book and even getting it to bestseller status? Here’s how it happened for me, and how you can do it too!

I’ve had the privilege of working with the incomparable Samantha Joy. Not only did she help me with publishing my book, “I’VE GOT YOU, GIRLFRIEND! Why Getting Organized & Living This Mom Life is NOT a Solo Mission,” but she also created a launch plan that enabled it to hit Bestseller in multiple categories and #1 in New Releases!

Samantha Joy (SJ), International Identity Coach and Founder of Landon Hail Press, is taking the personal development world by storm. She is the #1 bestselling author of The Less Effect: Design Your Life for Happiness and Purpose. Her coaching approach supports high achievers in shifting their identity to their most authentic self by clearing out aspects of their life rooted in an old story. The result is enhanced mental clarity, an improved sense of self, and the ability to design an environment that attracts abundance and fulfillment.

SJ’s mission in her publishing company is to promote global change through her authors’ transformation and healing. She believes that vulnerable storytelling is a skill that, once mastered, can take you to your highest level of success and impact.


(02:27) My pivot from writer to bestseller

(13:15) How to pick the right title

(15:48) Having permission to be yourself

(25:54) The art of the pivot

(29:23) The prerequisite of a successful partnership

(35:23) Writing for the right reasons

(38:57) The fine print of publishing contracts

(41:46) How to create a disarming environment


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