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Episode 35: Let's Pivot Together


As my business evolves I’m sharing some behind-the-scenes stuff I’m working on in an effort to support you more personally, including my new business number you can text whenever you need backup. You can now text PIVOT to 213-325-4600 to start our conversation.

You have a big, important message to share and your voice needs to be heard! If you’re nervous, anxious, or uncertain about what might happen if you take a chance on pursuing your passions and stepping into your purpose, I’d love to talk it through with you.

You’re not alone in this mom life or in your business. I’ve got you, girlfriend!

Want to work together one-on-one to set and accomplish your goals now? I’ve got a couple of spots left this year for virtual strategy sessions. You’ll be shocked by what we can accomplish together in 3 simple steps! Contact me today and let’s get started on a 90 minute laser-focused zoom session, or work with me in my on-going monthly program.

Stay tuned for details about an upcoming 4-Day Virtual Group Organizing Challenge I’m running LIVE November 13th-16th. You can learn more about it under my Services tab on my website.

See you there!


(03:51) Reaching out to my listeners

(08:24) I pivoted, and so can you!

(15:48) Find support in your journey

(20:17) What’s your love language?

(25:27) Personal growth and support


Time to Pivot Podcast-

The Mom’s Organization Motivation Podcast-

Have we met? If we haven’t yet or I’ve known you for years, I’d love to connect with you more.

Text PIVOT to 213-325-4600 so I can support you in life and business. We’re in this together, babe! Text PIVOT and fill out your contact info to start the chat. Talk soon! Xo

If you’re enjoying the Time To Pivot podcast, be sure to share it and tag me on social @everythingwithstylemom so I can thank you! Also, head over to Apple Podcasts and write a review if you have a moment. It only takes a couple minutes and helps us reach so many more listeners. Thanks so much for the support! Let me know how I can support you too.

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