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Episode 048: Embrace Your Love Language


This week on the podcast I’m talking about knowing and embracing our love language! Not only that, but choosing to show others love based on theirs.

If you’ve never read Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages, I highly recommend it. I’m definitely a product of that book. My parents discovered it when I was a kid and it’s been fun and certainly enlightening to learn more about how we give and receive love best.

Embracing my love language wasn’t always easy. I resisted it for a while because it felt a little superficial. (You’ll have to listen to find out why!) As I’ve gotten older, however, I realize that it’s more beneficial to me and my loved ones if I just embrace it! I hope this episode encourages you to do the same. It’s amazing how much it’s helped me to know my kids’ love language and husband’s too, so we can all connect with each other’s hearts on a much deeper level.

Highlights from this episode:

{6:05} Introduction to the 5 Love Languages

{11:40} Words of affirmation

{11:49} Physical touch

{18:16} Quality time

{27:09} Acts of service

{34:48} Gifts

Mentioned on this episode:

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

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