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Episode 049: Share Your Personality


On this episode I discuss the four basic temperaments and how they shape our personality. It’s always so interesting to learn more about what makes us special and our kids too!

I read about this study years ago as a teenager, took the Wired That Way personality profile, and took it again when I was in a Mommy and Me class as a new mom. It’s pretty funny how parenthood can affect our personality...or maybe that’s just the lack of sleep!

Find the link below to take it yourself and learn which parts of your personality shine, which traits you’d like to sharpen, and which you might like to soften. No matter what you discover about yourself, it’s so important to share it with others. God made each of us so unique and our personalities allow us to share our gifts with the world!

Highlights from this episode:

{5:09} Introduction to sharing your personality

{11:50} Introduction to Wired That Way and the 4 basic personality temperaments

{14:13} The Four Temperaments - The Sanguine Otter, The Choleric Lion, The Phlegmatic Golden Retriever and The Melancholy Beaver

{19:28} More about the Lion

{20:48} More about the Beaver

{24:01} More about the Otter

{31:43} More about the Golden Retriever

Mentioned on this episode:

Wired That Way Personality Profile based on the teachings of Marita and Florence Littauer

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

A big thank you for listening! The Mom’s Organization Motivation Podcast has won BEST FAMILY PODCAST in the Podcasting For Business Awards 2021! Your support means the world to me and I hope you are enjoying the new podcast episodes each week as much as I enjoy producing them! Special thank you to Lynsay Anne Gould and her team for making it possible.

As an extension of this month’s Desires of Your Heart series I wanted to let you know about the end of each of my Online Courses. You’ll find the final module is focused on the heart. Here are the links to read more about each one.

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