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Episode 077: Linen Closet Organization


Whether you have a small bathroom cabinet or an entire closet, organizing your linens can have both form and function!

On this episode I suggest some ways to get that “possibly overfilled with mismatched or unused bedding and towels” space working better for you and your family, which starts with that essential purge!

Once you’ve settled on what stays, it’s time to group them together in like categories and properly fold them to fit the shelves or containers so it’s most convenient for accessing. (Not to mention, easy on the eyes!)

Don’t forget to donate or repurpose those unused linens as you go. You’ve got this!

Highlights from this episode:

{3:58} Organizing your linen space

{5:42} Don't let the linen closet become clutter overfill

{9:19} Bring some hotel style home with you

{11:52} Think about downsizing - do you need all that space?

{14:15} Grouping and categorizing your towels

{16:40} Think about what makes the most sense for you

Mentioned on this episode:

Don’t miss the helpful IGTV video and ridiculous IG Reel @everythingwithstylemom where I show you how to properly fold a fitted sheet ANYWHERE! Share them if they helped (or made you laugh)!

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For more resources to organize and style your busy life in 3 simple steps, checkout, listen to my FREE Masterclass, and connect with me on Instagram @everythingwithstylemom for some organization motivation!

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