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Episode 076: Stop Overbuying


Let’s be real. Have you ever bought something in bulk, perhaps in an effort to save money, and ended up not using it or ran out of storage space to contain it all?

It happens! Even with the best money and time saving intentions.

Has your garage turned into your backstock area with mountains of stuff on shelves or maybe you’ve lost track of stuff you overbought because it got shoved into storage closets or deep cabinets never to be seen again?

Also happens. I’ve uncovered lots of this stuff as an organizer and have been guilty of overbuying and tucking things away too.

On this episode we’ll get to the bottom of why this may be happening and how to prevent it from costing you in the long run.

Highlights from this episode:

{2:28} Using what we have

{3:29} Out of sight out of mind

{6:41} Overbuying leads to overkill

{8:19} Be prepared, but consider the limitations of your space

{10:00} Even great stuff can turn into clutter

Mentioned on this episode:

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