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Episode 7: Be an Effective Mom Boss


There’s a connection between our physical and mental health, and focusing on both will have us being a more effective Mom Boss!

I’ve discovered my soul sister from another mister, who rocks the color black, desires to serve other moms, lives by faith, and wants to achieve the most impact she can by using her God-given gifts.

I learned so much from Megan Dahlman, certified trainer and nutrition coach, CEO, and Mom Boss, in this interview, like the importance of strengthening our core to support the rest of our body, enhancing our performance in all areas of our lives!


(01:16) Connected by the internet

(06:50) What is Vigeo?

(11:03) Incorporating the science behind the exercise

(16:33) Your core is more than just your abs

(21:16) Not a solo mission

(24:28) Where to start


Checkout her life-changing, easy-to-implement, 5-day core free training (link above) that could be the very thing you need to jumpstart your overall health.

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