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Episode 148: Baby Steps to Big Vision


Feeling the pressure of the New Year to implement a million new things and accomplish them all with ease? Sounds overwhelming!

Jenna Lee Rude, Founder of Raised on Plants and the brilliant writer of the Foreword in my book, is chatting with us about how we can move forward without the mega expectations to do it all perfectly.

Keep the faith…there is a plan!

So how can we keep that big vision without putting so much pressure on ourselves to accomplish it “in the first 3 hours of the New Year?”

Jenna says consistent, baby steps are the way to the big vision, and I completely agree.

We also need a community of like-minded people for support, along with the simplified steps to achieve our goals, and Jenna’s brand new, life-changing app is where it’s at!

Highlights from this episode:

(01:39) Full blown Mom chaos

(05:07) Getting by in a hustle town

(11:35) The power of plants

(14:14) The rollercoaster journey towards your goals

(20:20) The mother of all apps

(24:07) We all need community

Mentioned on this episode:

Raised on Plants, The App

Find it in the App Store & Google Play

I hope this episode encourages you to keep that big vision in mind while taking small steps toward it and giving yourself lots of grace along the way.

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