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Episode 43: Hope Is Not a Strategy


Happy New Year! We’re setting BIG GOALS this year, knowing there’s hope in God’s plan that aligns with our dreams and putting in the strategy to make them happen! 


We’re focusing on the 1% rule and my 3-step strategy to pivot with confidence. Don't be afraid to take messy action, my friend. This is your year! 



(1:46) Let’s set some goals and pivot in the new year!

(7:11) Getting organized and ready for a whole new chapter

(12:47) Achieve your goals by keeping it simple

(24:09) My love of the stage (where it all began) 

(27:00) Finding purpose with hope and a solid support system

(37:24) Embracing change with confidence

(42:40) Overcoming obstacles in 2024 - keep going! 

(48:08) Organizing and productivity strategies FTW



SAVE THE DATE: Want to join me in my home January 27th 10am-2pm to set our intentions for the year? We’ll get clear on our hopes and dreams for 2024 and put my 3-step strategy in place to achieve our goals! There will be food, drinks, vendors, and a HypnoBreathwork session with Lauren Little that just might change your life! 


Link to register will soon be posted on Instagram @everythingwithstylemom & on my website. 


My 4-Day Online Organizing Challenge is back! Join me virtually February 5th-8th 9am PST to start your year off organized! Click the link for details and share with a friend. Register now as spots are limited! 

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