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Episode 32: Waves of Self Care


Jaime McFaden is joining me for a very special episode that starts with holding space for a dear friend who’s grieving. We discussed how our village can be our best self care, the importance of self-reflection, asking for help and actually receiving it, the pencil theory, and the common misconception that self care is often done alone.

She’s a self-care specialist with over ten certifications in health, nutrition, and behavior change. You may have seen her on Jillian Michaels' Master Trainer DVDs and live events, the Aaptiv Fitness Training app, and several other digital portals.

With her W.A.V.E. by J (Well-being, Action, Vision, Energy) program, you too can join the hundreds who have achieved their goals.


(02:24) A surreal moment at Barnes & Noble

(08:58) Self care and grief

(15:14) Elephant empathy

(22:55) The power of community

(26:11) Village dynamics

(32:23) Serving others

(35:21) Cute jackets and juice bars

(39:13) Be bold and brave

(42:22) Building community by asking for help

(49:17) Channeling anxiety to help others

(52:42) Self care practices for physical and mental wellbeing


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