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Episode 054: An Organized Reading Nook


Have you considered creating a little nook in your home for reading, relaxing, listening to your fave audio books or podcasts, while sipping a delicious cup of something? Perhaps you want to set this up for your kids to enjoy and grow their love of reading or a certain activity as well? Do you already have this designated space, but it’s become a dumping ground for clean (or dirty) laundry and other items that aren’t getting put away for days or weeks?

On this episode that’s exactly what I’m talking about tackling, including ways to keep that space looking tidy, welcoming, and organized in 3 simple steps!

This sweet spot, no matter how large or small, will be a cozy space that you and your family will be drawn to (as long the laundry or a million tiny legos don’t take over) and will represent your personal style!

Highlights from this episode:

{2:16} The purge - clearing out the corner of your home where you want your reading nook to be

{6:04} Donating the items you don't need anymore

{6:54} Using organization bins

{8:53} Using your reading nook for listening to audiobooks

{11:41} Creating a relaxing space

{12:18} Maximizing your vertical space

{15:38} Updating it as your family grows

{16:41} Adding greenery into your reading nook

Mentioned on this episode:

To get your home and kiddos more organized in 3 simple steps, check out these online courses created specifically for the busy moms of littles who need a little backup. (Don’t worry, they’re fun and easy and won’t feel like just another thing to add to your to do list!) Click these links to read more about what’s offered.

For more resources and freebies to organize your busy life, head over to and find me on Instagram @everythingwithstylemom for organization motivation!

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