Episode 021: Moving With Kids

My bestie is on the podcast today to talk to us about preparing for your move with your kids. She’s the total expert on this subject as she has moved just under a gazillion times in the past 8 years with her awesome family! 

Last week I shared the 3 E’s to having a successfully organized move on Episode 20:

Essential: Purge before and after your move

Enhancement: Label boxes properly

Extra: Visualize your move to troubleshoot any problems that may arise

Now Tiffany shares her top 3 E’s, plus some great bonus tips when moving with kids:

Essential: Research your new city, schools, churches, activities before you move. (Use Google, Facebook groups and friends for recommendations, local MOPS groups and other organizations you love.) Along with researching, start praying with your family that God will put the right opportunities and people in your path.

Enhancement: Don’t be afraid to try more than one (or 3) different groups for you and the kiddos to find the right fit for you. 

Extra: Accept any help (without feeling guilty) in those first days of your move, including movers, family, friends, babysitters and get your kids involved too in the setting up of their room right away so they feel settled in sooner. 

While Tiffany moved from city to city with her growing family, she turned her photography hobby into a business. She takes the most gorgeous family photos and has even hooked me up with some awesome biz pics, including the cover art for my podcast! Thanks, Tiff! 

Bonus tip: She says you can never have enough photos of your beautiful family to capture all those special memories and new adventures, especially when you move often. She also suggests that Moms should be in those pictures too. So hand your camera to someone or snap a selfie! 

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:38} Introducing Tiffany Sharp

{3:46} Researching and Googling before you leave

{9:56} Asking for help

{14:53} What you can do to help the transition

{20:15} How to balance having a business and being a busy mom

Checkout Tiffany’s work @tiffanysharpphotography on Instagram and Facebook and be sure to book a session with her if you are local to Memphis, TN! 

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