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Episode 063: Give Yourself More Credit


Are you giving yourself credit for all the things you are accomplishing each day that never even make it on your to do list?

For example, did you give yourself credit for stopping your life to bandage a skinned knee, kiss a boo boo, give a hug, call to check on a loved one who is lonely, remind your kiddos everyday to brush their teeth so they don’t get cavities, give them a bath to teach them good hygiene, have a much-needed, good belly laugh when life gets crazy, or put down your phone to have a serious conversation with your kid about something that happened at school that day?

Oh, you didn’t put that stuff on your to do list??? Of course you didn’t, but those things can be way more important and valuable than doing laundry, the dishes, answering emails, or attacking that mail pile.

How about acting fast to grab your toddler that bolted toward the street to get a bouncing ball…did you put “save my kid’s life” on your to do list today? I’m guessing, no. How about the follow up conversation you had about never running into the street because it’s so dangerous?

It’s so easy to look at the lack of check marks on your list at the end of the day and feel like you should’ve done more, but PLEASE, Mama, don’t forget to give yourself more credit for all the other stuff you did that will never be a box you check on your list.

You are amazing! You are doing plenty! So as we celebrate Moms in all of their bath-giving, life-saving glory this month, don’t forget to give yourself some serious props for all that you do!

Highlights from this episode:

{2:32} The guilt-free to do list

{3:30} Celebrating accomplishing the things that we'd never put on our to do list

{9:37} Considering that the things not on your to do list can be more important than the things that are

{11:42} Recognizing the life lessons and conversations we have with our children as accomplishments

{16:26} What we learned about ourselves during quarantine

{21:19} What your kids will remember as they grow up

{22:38} Creating beautiful memories

Mentioned on this episode:

Grab a printable PDF of The Guilt-Free To Do List in my Online Schedule Course that’ll remind you all the things you ARE accomplishing each day. It’s crazy how reframing your thoughts around that ole ‘to do list’ can really help you feel better about what you are getting done!

Checkout this Kids & Schedule Mini Course recorded with a LIVE audience of busy Moms of littles, that’ll offer lots of ways to get your goals accomplished in 3 simple steps, while giving yourself more credit! There’s a printable workbook to follow along, a snack and lunch demo I did to show how I prepare in only 15 minutes for the whole week, and a fun Q&A session at the end.

Click those links to read more about what each course offers!

For more resources to organize and style your busy life, go to and connect with me @everythingwithstylemom on Instagram for more organization motivation!

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