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Episode 080: Back-to-School Routines


Setting your family up for the best chance of success now that school is back in session looks like implementing helpful routines!

Getting out the door on time and with less stress and frustration means doing everything you can to prep ahead the night (and even afternoon) before!

This episode is loaded with suggestions for how to setup up a plan and use organization as a way to create structure and set realistic goals for everyone in your back-to-school routines. Listen with your kiddos so you’re all on the same page. Don’t worry if you’ve started with a shaky beginning. There’s no time like the present to make some positive changes that will keep overwhelm and chaos at bay!

Highlights from this episode:

{2:08} Set yourself up for success

{6:01} There may be pushback but you're still in control

{9:07} Prepping a day ahead

{11:13} Effective nighttime routines

{14:55} Be adaptable at breakfast time

{16:42} Make time for prayers

{21:14} Consider extra encouragement

Mentioned on this episode:

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