Episode 023: Back-to-School Preparation

It’s time to go back to school...or back to virtual learning. In this season of uncertainty we’re all asked to make big decisions that will work best for our families. I know this is super personal, my friend! 

No matter what you, the CDC, your school, or your besties are choosing, I’m here to discuss 3 things that might make it a bit of an easier transition as the new school year approaches. 

On this episode, I suggest 3 E’s that I’ll be sticking to in order to keep my kiddos focused on a successful learning experience and prepared for any surprise scenario that comes our way. 

Here are those suggestions if you’d like to use them in your home and in your schedule this school year:

Essential: Purge (any clutter from last year or over the summer that accumulated in your home, and consider what activities are necessary or can be purged from your schedule as safety restrictions prevent us from doing lots of things we were used to doing before)

Enhancement: Good Communication and Flexibility (with family, friends, co-workers, teachers, childcare providers for any new scenario this pandemic presents)

Extra: Not Over-buying or Over-indulging (in products, food, drinks, school supplies, clothes, and more so there’s less waste, less clutter, and more financial responsibility during this time)

Remember your 3 E’s can be completely different than mine. Focus on what works best with your style!

Highlights from this episode:

{3:01} Applying the 3 E’s for back-to-school preparation

{4:01} The Essential: purge the closet and school supplies

{9:40} The Enhancement: communication is crucial

{13:43} The Extra: not over-buying or over-indulging

Helpful links mentioned in this episode:

Ep 12: Temporary Home Office

*Children’s book: Billie and the Brilliant Bubble: Social Distancing for Children

* UCLA: Guidelines on How to Help Children Navigate COVID-19

* AACAP: Talking with Children about Coronavirus

I hope that no matter what you choose (or what’s been chosen for you) that you find the blessings in our new reality. Take comfort in knowing that God has a plan, even if we can’t see it now! He’s at work here, so embrace the uncertainty and focus on finding hope and joy in this school year. 

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