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Episode 159: Best Time & Money Investments


Sometimes Moms just need a short list of where and how to spend their time and money. These are currently my top three.

If you want to know where I’ve invested in myself and my family, here’s a window into my soul. Ok it’s not that deep, but I hope it’s helpful!

Highlights from this episode:

(05:20) Laser hair removal - IYKYK

(09:06) Meal prep may be a seasonal thing

(16:42) Creativity needs some boundaries

(19:34) Show off your extraordinary

(24:28) Give and take hand-me-downs

(29:22) Lead by example

Mentioned on this episode:

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I hope this episode gives you permission (if you needed it) to choose to do some things that make your life a little easier and run more smoothly on the home front. Use these links to simplify it!

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