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Episode 096: Paralysis by Analysis


It’s the beginning of a new year, and we can’t let those old feelings of frustration or indecisiveness keep us paralyzed when it comes to getting organized once and for all!

Let’s focus on 3 things that can keep you motivated and moving forward.

1.Start with what you know.

2.Research your concerns.

3.Lean in and just begin.

Sometimes analyzing all the different ways to tackle the organization of your space can feel so overwhelming, you don’t even start. It’s often less difficult than it seems and certainly easier if you have an accountability partner, a friend, or an expert to help.

Let’s simplify the process and enjoy the blessings that come from your efforts!

Highlights from this episode:

{03:05} Start with the Essential purge

{09:30} It’s ok to ask for help

{13:14} Get fearless and decisive

{15:20} Shoot for 1% improvements

Mentioned on this episode:

Online Courses: Get organized in your home, wardrobe, with your kids, and schedule in 3 simple steps!

I hope this episode gives you the motivation you need to finally start and finish those organization projects this year. Don’t let paralysis by analysis derail you from completing your organizing goals and creating a welcoming space to call home. This is the year for that! Ask for help. Get it done. Enjoy the process and most definitely the end result!

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