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Episode 129: File Folding & The Roll-Up


If your drawers look disorganized, overfilled, or you can’t see what you have at a glance, consider these two methods.

Create both form and function in your dresser or suitcase by file folding your clothes or doing what I call, the Roll-Up.

Enjoy all the helpful benefits for you and the littles and bigs in your life!

Highlights from this episode:

(03:37) An intro to file folding, Marie Kondo style

(09:07) Fold to fit your drawers

(13:04) Dedicated drawer space is the best

(16:43) How to fold a shirt

(22:13) Different styles, different folds

(25:14) Getting the kids to help out (without ruining your system!)

Mentioned on this episode:

I hope this episode inspires you to try one or both of these techniques to organize your drawers!

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