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Episode 141: Kids' Toys & Playrooms


If you’re feeling like the toys are getting out of hand or simply need some organization motivation to tackle that playroom, this episode is for you!

Whether you have a designated room for toys or need to make them fit in your family’s shared space, I’ve got some helpful suggestions to get it done without it being a fight. Can you imagine?

Highlights from this episode:

(00:54) The bane of your existence

(07:00) The essential purge

(10:38) Start a toy rotation

(14:57) What to do with old toys

(17:41) Styling your playroom

(21:49) The five-minute warning

(27:13) A surprise toy bin

Mentioned on this episode:

YouTube video:

I hope this episode offers some support in getting those toys organized without the overwhelm! If so, please share it with your parent friends. We gotta stick together!

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