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Episode 25: Get Clear on Your Message


When you speak, do people really understand what you mean?

As a mom, wife, motivational speaker, podcaster, author, and a business owner, I can tell you that sending a clear message is important, and not always so easy. We may think what we’re saying makes total sense, but is it landing on your audience (your kids, coworkers, or clients) the way you intended? I wasn’t so sure. So I asked for some backup from my long-time online friend, and messaging expert, Vanessa Wilde.

Vanessa is a creative director and copywriter, with over 10 years in digital marketing. With an edge on positioning and messaging, Vanessa helps businesses clearly articulate the value of their products and services so best-fit customers convert. She's also a wife of 13 years, a mom of 3, and a dog mom.

We talked about pivoting through different seasons at home and work, why we would even consider starting anything new if the stats say that 90% of startups fail in the first 10 years, and how failure equals feedback. I learned a lot and hope you’ll appreciate her sound advice too!


(04:43) Why should we start anything new?

(09:06) How to set yourself up for success

(12:21) Keeping up with the trends

(17:52) How to use your words to connect with your clients

(23:28) Pulling away from social media

(29:13) Finding where you feel most fulfilled


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