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Episode 027: Choose the Right Containers


Last week I shared 3 ways to invest in organization and why that’s such a good idea. This week I wanted to piggyback that idea and focus more specifically on how to choose the right containers for your space and style! 

These days it’s cool to be organized and add your own personal style to your home! There are all types of containers offered at high-end retailers, online, and even your local dollar store. With all these options, how do you know which to choose that’ll work best in your space for you and your family? 

On this episode I suggest 3 things to consider when making your container choices: size, style, and multipurpose options. 

I remind you to always start with the essential purge when getting organized. Once you have only what you want to keep and have sold or donated the clutter or unused items, you should measure your space (cabinet, drawer, closet) and the items you’re trying to contain so you know it’ll fit! 

Next, get super real about your style. You want your containers to match your space (traditional, modern, contemporary, boho, farmhouse). That’ll help you decide on woven baskets, clear and transparent or opaque bins, plastic, acrylic, glass, labels, etc. to go with the look of your home. You also want them to serve your style of organizing. If you won’t take the time to take a top off and place your item inside, opt for open storage containers or hooks on the wall. 

A bonus in choosing the right container is to consider if it’ll be multifunctional and count as storage and seating, or a coffee table with storage space below, for example. Choosing neutral colors will also leave you the option of moving the bin from one space to another without being bound to a specific color or room and have longevity. 

No matter what you choose, it has to work for you and your family. So, the next time you’re organizing, think about these 3 things to help you choose the right containers! 

Mentioned on this episode:

@everythingwithstylemom on Instagram to see garage storage with containers and origami shelves 

Here are the highlights for this episode:

{3:55} The decision to get organized and invest in support

{8:42} Choose the right size containers 

{14:04} Choose the right style containers

{19:58} Consider multi-purpose containers

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