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Episode 013: Coronavirus Helpful Hodgepodge


In this episode, that was recorded about a month into the Coronavirus lockdown and before the worldwide protests sparked by the death of George Floyd, I discussed a range of topics that kept coming up for me as a busy mom of littles.

It’s such a hodgepodge because, quite frankly, I was floundering a bit. I’m a person who thrives on a schedule and likes to prepare for the days and weeks ahead. Unfortunately, there’s so much uncertainty during this time of the pandemic, plus the social unrest that’s hurting so many people around the world right now.

Despite the big changes that happened between the recording and releasing of this episode, I still believe that everything mentioned is still relevant and in some ways, more so than when I was speaking about them initially.

Giving yourself and others grace, being sensitive and empathetic to those who are suffering, not putting so much pressure on yourself for productivity, continuing to simplify things so as not to become overwhelmed, sharing and celebrating your wins, finding ways to contribute and help others who are struggling, choosing your battles, and praying constantly for guidance and peace, were some of the topics that came up in this episode. Yes, I’d say those things are definitely still relevant today.

My heart breaks for those hurting and my prayers seem more abundant than ever. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy and you are finding love and support during this time.

Here are the episode highlights: {5:17} The “lucky” episode

{8:43} The stress of being abundantly productive

{12:35} Finding comfort during these times (from family, friends & God)

{17:34} Giving yourself grace

{21:57} Sharing your wins with people

{29:53} Ways to support the people who are helping us

{32:37} Finding educational activities

Here are some helpful links that came up in this episode:

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

@hilltop.threads for faith-based and personalized clothing and accessories

@blissellisknappschwarzenegger for Sunshine hats to raise money for essential workers on the frontlines

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