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Episode 012: Temporary Home Office


This episode moved to the top of my list of organization topics to tackle now, given the fact that lots of us are still quarantining (or at least social distancing). This might mean your work has now been relocated to your home, whether you have room for it or not!

Additionally, you may have a homeschooling situation you weren’t intending to have at the beginning of last school year now happening at your dining room table or in your kids’ rooms. We don’t know what going back to school will look like in the fall, so establishing some separate work spaces for everyone in the family could be needed now more than ever before.

In this episode I’ll share with you some suggestions for organizing and styling each of these spaces, whether temporary or semi-permanent, in a budget-friendly, creative way. Of course getting this set up includes using the 3 E’s to keep it simple & have you seeing results fast!

I hope it inspires you to create an organized, functioning work space for you and your family.

For more in-depth assistance in getting organized in your home, wardrobe, with your kids, and in your schedule, check out these helpful online courses I created with you and your family in mind! I’ve separated them into categories that will address your specific needs quickly, easily, and in 3 simple steps!

And don’t worry, these courses aren’t more work you have to do. They are as simple as listening to this podcast, but with added photo before and after pics for inspiration, videos to watch for easy step-by-step instructions, and PDFs of helpful checklists to keep you on track if lists are your jam! I know you’ll enjoy these courses, and feel less overwhelmed when organizing and styling your life!

Here are the highlights from this episode: {2:50} Setting up a temporary home office {4:27} Applying the 3 E's philosophy to your temporary home office {9:44} Repurposing existing furniture for your home office {11:35} Creating a “corner” office {20:23} Temporary floating shelves {23:30} Using paint to create a separate space

Click these links to read more about what each course offers.

Home Course:

Wardrobe Course:

Kids Course:

Schedule Course:

Free Masterclass:

Links to services mentioned in the episode: @clarishealth charity for pregnant moms @lugg app for furniture pickup and drop-off @carriefdiaz stylish interior designer and founder of @best.friend.central

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